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How The Wait List Works

  • * Click "Apply Now" to complete your online application. Please note that no application fee is due at this time however it will need to be paid prior to your application being processed in the event your wish list home is available.

  • *All applications will be placed on a wait list while we give our current residents the first option to renew.

  • *Any and all available homes will be filled based on wait list position (first come, first serve). You will be contacted to place a Reservation Fee when we know which homes will be available. This could be anytime between Jan. 2021-March 2021. Availability to the public will not be posted until March which means you could be getting exclusive access to our earliest availability.

  • *All wait list applications must have an application fee paid the day a home is offered to you and will be processed to Entwood approval requirements (ie credit score, income, etc.)

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