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Create Memories with Chico Student Housing

Chico Student Housing is about real lives, real people, and real homes and that’s why we want to get real social with you! College is the time to create memories. Share your photos with us on snapchat, facebook and instagram and we might add them to our yearbook. Every year, we will dedicate a page on our site to your photos, creating a place you can check in to see you, your friends and the years you shared at school. We want to share in your daily joys on campus, friends, favorite pizza joint and time at home. Send us a photo on Snapchat and we may even use it in our next newspaper ad or billboard for Chico Student Housing!

Ps, we will ONLY add photos to the yearbook that you share with us.



Want to be part of our next print ad?

Snap How To’s;

    Simply snap a photo to us and share it to your story. If the photo is something we can make you famous with, it may show up in the orion or on a billboard on Nord Ave!

Small Print

    By snapping us you are agreeing to allow us to use your photos for marketing, both digital or print. You agree to hold us harmless.


  • Photos must be added to your personal story
  • Photos must be snapped to “ChicoStudentHous” on Snapchat or
  •  Snap needs to be at least 10 seconds long
  • All photos must be appropriate for all ages
  • You must follow “ChicoStudentHous” on Snapchat